8 Ways to Stay Organized During the Holidays

December 16, 2015

It’s ironic, since it’s called the “holiday” season, but Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year. More people, more parties, more presents (and don’t forget the clean-up). Since we’re all about keeping you organized, here are our favorite tips for keeping this time of year under control.



1. Tackle those Xmas cards. 


Everyone loves getting them, but they have a way of turning into a giant cluttered pile on the kitchen counter. Try displaying like this, or attach them to a ribbon with some clothespins if that’s more your style.



2. Invest in catch-all spaces for houseguests. 


When Uncle Frank and Aunt Martha come to stay, put out extra empty hangers and baskets for their things. If they have someplace convenient put everything, there’s much less chance that everything somehow ends up in the bathroom sink.



3. Don't sneer at the disposable plates.


There are dozens of beautiful, Christmas-y designs, and using them cuts your clean-up time in half, easy.



4. Cleaning services are your friend. 


If you don’t like the disposable plate idea (or you're throwing really big parties), consider hiring a clean up-service. They’re one-time maids who specialize in making all that party mess just melt away.



5. Learn to say no


You don’t have to make it to every event. (Really, you don’t). Remember to do some of what you want this December. If that means staying in tonight, more power to you.



6. Outsource the wrapping.


We’re so focused on finishing our Christmas shopping that it’s easy to forget about this part. Don’t stay up until one in the morning on Christmas Eve this year. Enlist friends and family members who seem to have free hands. (Just as long as they’re not wrapping their own gifts, it should be fine.)



7. Have the trashbags ready to go.


On the big day, have the trash-bags already out (these adorable “Christmas Pudding Bin Bags” come all the way from London). That way, once you open your present, pop the wrapping paper in the bag and then just throw it away.



8. Think about next year.


When you’re putting away all those Christmas things, we like having an “Open Me First” box -- with tree-stand, lights, spare bulbs, and the tools you need to put it all up all together... next year. 


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