9 Life Hacks to Kill Your Clutter

October 23, 2015

Life is crazy, and it's too easy to just let things pile up and pile up. Get out of that bad habit by using some of these clever, interesting, and design-conscious ideas to get your things up off the floors and off the tabletops. 


1. Installing shelves over doors is a great way to sneak in some extra storage.


2. Lego men happen to be exactly the right size to hold your charger cords (and add a fun little detail to any room). 



3. A dreamcatcher makes a beautiful, practical earring holder. Hang it from the ceiling and you won't even be using up any wall space. 



4. Keep track of your small metal objects by screwing a magnetic strip to the wall.  



5. Don't forget the space under tables and bed: Most of it is ready-to-go storage. 



6. Rig up some bungee cords, and use them to store squishy things like balls or stuffed animals.



7. Instead of letting tall boots flop over in a big pile, use pants hangers. It looks nicer, and it's a thousand times better for the shoe. 



8. You can easily get eBook versions of all your paper tech manuals and get rid of all the unsightly hard copies. 



9. If you have trouble keeping your keys straight, use nail polish to color-code them. 




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