Get Your House Organized in One Weekend

October 1, 2015

Whether it’s work, school, or parenthood, it’s always tough to keep the house organized with such busy lives. Kitchens, living rooms, and garages are only just a few of the many elements that bring a home together. Maintaining this while not only give you relief, but an organized home sweet home!



Our garages eventually turn into storage spaces, filled with tools, bikes, and of course our cars. It’s important to keep a clutter free area, especially with heavy equipment. Try hanging bikes and such on the wall; this will free up space for things like cabinets. Big fan of gardening? Pegboards make a great companion for such tools.


Game Room:

With kids, this room can most definitely get wild! This space can get very cluttered, very easily, especially with the amount of toys and books that our little ones own. With the abundant amounts of stuffed animals laying everywhere, you can place them in storage bins and place them on shelves. Containers are a great space saver, while also keeping the area aesthetically pleasing.


Laundry Room:

The smell of fresh detergent, and of course freshly washed clothes is the best! If laundry rooms aren’t maintained in a timely manner, you might have a soapy situation on your hands! Shelving can be very useful in this type space, as detergents and other soaps can be placed here. They can also take away any clutter from your folding space.


Tackling different areas of the house can really help you stay organized. All it takes is just one weekend, and voila- A happy home, and an even happier you!   

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