Stay Organized with $1

August 21, 2015

Stress, worry, and hassle are side effects of the crazy clutter we may find around the house, whether it’s in our closet, in our cabinets, on our desks, or simply spread out. Taking a quick trip to the dollar store may just bring the most wanted cure and relief for your chaotic and busy lifestyle.


These dollar store purchases can help you get organized, and stay that way! 


$1 Bins

Storage bins are the best way to maintain a no clutter zone. They’re great to store in cabinets, under the desk, or stacked right on top of your shelf. Its clean shape allows for a more neat look, no matter where they are placed. Lots of detergent? Use bins to store them, along with your other soapy needs of course. Load of school supplies? Color coded bins are perfect for the never ending stockpile of the folders, pens, notebooks and pencils we own. 



$1 Jars

Big ones, small ones, round ones, oh my! When it comes to jars, there’s a huge variety to choose from based on exactly what you need. If you have a messy desk that needs organizing, jars are the best way to go. Making one for each collection (pens, highlighters, paperclips, thumbtacks, pencils) is an easy way of creating more space on your desk. They can serve as storage for craft supplies or even make up brushes. Need a quick decor idea? Placing some flowers in a few mason jars can create an instant makeover for any type of workspace! 


$1 Bowls

Bowls at your bedside can be super beneficial, as they act as a catch-all for small items, like your phone and keys. You can also choose from a plethora of sizes and styles to match your preference. Need a morning reminder? Try placing a sticky note on the bowl’s outside rim, that way it’s easy to see right when you wake up. With some of your crucial necessities being accessible on the nightstand, you’ll be off to a productive day the next morning!


These are just a few inexpensive ways to maintain organization, with a personal touch. The dollar store offers a variety of products that can rid any sort of clutter. Not only will you have a happy home, but a very happy wallet as well.   

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