Say "Shoo" to Shoe Clutter

August 14, 2015


Shoes. Every girl’s best friend, am I right? From heels and sneakers, to pumps and flats, there’s always room for more…but what happens when you have a shoe explosion on your closet floor? Two things can result from getting rid of your clutter: first, it will look aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, you can avoid the unwanted stress of going on a treasure hunt to look for the right pair/missing shoe.


Here are a few solutions on how to clear that shoe mess, and get a nice storage system going: 


Box it Up. This is a great method for those who don’t like seeing their shoes out and about in the first place. Put each pair in a shoe box, or a storage box (which can be purchased from any craft store), and stack them right up in your closet, whether it’s against the wall, or on shelves. Either way, it looks ten times more organized, while also keeping your footwear in perfect condition.  Shoe hack? Place a picture of the designated pair on every box for easy access! 


Over-the-Door Rack. If you have no room to spare inside your closet, don’t sweat it! An over-the-door shoe rack is the perfect way to avoid taking up any shelf space. Usually with little or no assembly, the rack hooks are simply placed over the top of the door and voila, organization at your fingertips. While keeping everything in its place, using the side of your door for storage helps to free up a floor full of clutter.



Shoe Racks. Found in various styles, shoe racks can be a big help. With your collection laid out on its shelves, it makes a nice display, along with easy access of course. Another advantage? You can practically place these racks anywhere according to your preference; now that’s a sweet deal!



All in all, there’s a multitude of ways when it comes to organizing your collection…it’s just a matter of finding the solution that screams “Shoo!” to your clutter. 

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