3 Ways to Make a Room Totally Zen

July 15, 2015

Zen: Buddhist school of thought that emphasizes meditation and enlightenment. Have you ever felt so stressed out that you just needed some peace and quiet? Many of us retreat back to our cozy bedsheets for some relaxation, but with the right accessories and items you can make any room in the house conducive to tranquility. 


1. Blue has long been hailed as the color promoting serenity and peacefulness. Paint your walls a calming sky blue or even purchase an accent rug for your workspace. Introduce some pretty shades of blue in your like and feel the stress slip away!


2. Invest in a mini sand and stone zen garden. Have you ever played with one of these things at the doctor's office? There's a calming effect to raking neat, organized lines of sand - reminiscent of the beach and peaceful memories. Plus, it is fun and rather nice to have on say, a desk or a living room table. Just make sure the kids can't get their hands on it, or else you may have a sandy mess when the guests arrive! 



3. Candles are very helpful for destressing! A very simple but often forgotten accessory, candles can really set the mood for meditation and peace. Invest in some of your favorite smelling scents - no one is going to judge you, really, if you smell every single candle in the story twice over - and make it a point to light it during your evening rituals. Remember basic fire safety and never leave a candle unattended in a room! There's no reason why you can't make yourself a candelit dinner once a week - you might find you really enjoy it! 



There are plenty ways to make a room calmer, but the most important part is - what makes yourself calm? Keep the room original by catering to what makes YOU relax. Soon you will find yourself a much happier, and calmer, individual.

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