Guide to Feng Shui

July 10, 2015

Fancy yourself a budding home design fanatic? Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that ascribes to the idea that the design of your home can promote good energy in your household and ultimately your life! Historically, it was implemented in ancient architecture in order to generate "good luck" in warding off evil spirits. Nowadays, feng shui is more of a trend that offers an interesting perspective into Chinese history, but it's pretty fun. Hey, it can't hurt to boost your chances for a little good luck, right?


Here's some basic feng shui tips to get that positive energy flowing throughout your home:


  • Get rid of clutter. Clutter and mess is thought

    to slow down or interfere the feng shui energy, or "chi", that travels throughout your room. Hey - even if you aren't that interested in feng shui, we believe less clutter is ALWAYS better. Look underneath your beds and behind your drawers and sweep away! You'll find your spirits feeling much lighter after cleansing your home of unnecessary clutter!

  • Encourage a sense of balance and harmony in your rooms to encourage good relationships. You can accomplish this in small ways such as making sure both your nightstands are approximately the same size and width, or balancing dark and light colors (think yin and yang) when deciding on a color scheme.

  • Keep your bedroom a safe haven from distraction. What does this mean? Basically, keep electronics and work out equipment OUT of the bedroom. The bedroom is supposed to evoke feelings of tranquility and peace. If possible, keep your desk in a separate room or designated office, and keep your bedroom a stress-free, positive vibes only zone!

  • Keep your stove super clean. All right, so this one is oddly specific, but in feng shui it is believed that the stove represents your fortune and wealth.

There's plenty more to feng shui, so if you're really interested in generating good chi, you can look up guides or hire a feng shui expert to deck out your home!



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