Cleaning Your Closet 101

June 23, 2015

Missed spring cleaning? Don't worry - the art of pristine organization is a year-round enterprise, and there's no better time to start than right now! If you haven't gotten the time or motivation for a weekend-long upheaval of all your goods, don't fret. Even devoting just 30 minutes a week to decluttering can generate big dividends in the long rung. Slow and steady can win this race!


  • Sort out those socks! Okay, so maybe we shouldn't have started off the most boring task ever, but at least it's relatively easy right? Find the socks that absolutely have no pair and toss them out (but remember to double check your washer and dryer before calling it donezo!). Socks that are stained or are somehow a completely different color than when you initially purchased them? Yep, toss them out.

  • Say goodbye to your ratty underwear. Okay, maybe we'll allow you to keep your lucky pair, but please please PLEASE feel free to toss the articles of clothing that have lived long past their expiration date. You'll feel so much better afterwards.

  • Bulky sweaters and coats taking up too much space in your summertime wardrobe? No need to toss - use packing cubes or storage bins to store them elsewhere (perhaps in your bed? In the attic?) and clear up room for only the season's essentials. Likewise, if it's wintertime, you don't need that matching bikini and sarong taking up valuable room. By only making sure you only have the essentials for the season, you can make dressing up a faster process (no more digging through tons of off-season clothing) and also keep your closet space more organized.

  • Designate a pile for "donate", "keep", and "toss out." Donate is the clothes that are semi-decent but you're sick of wearing - like if you've outgrown your fave college tee or if you think your BFF would look awesome in that dress you've worn too many nights. Keep is for the clothes you are still in love with. Toss out is for the ratty clothing you wouldn't want your little sister to be caught wearing - the favorite cardigan with holes that you just couldn't say goodbye to, but you know it's time to call it quits. If you need help deciding, use this rule: How many times have you worn this outfit in the past year, including last season? If it is less than three, you probably don't need it anymore.


Sometimes the hardest part of organization is the beginning. But once you're on the roll, the thrill of decluttering is unlike any other (okay, so maybe we're a little bit neat-freaky here at Design & Order). We love love love to organize, and we promise that your closet will thank you for it afterwards! It's a bit like therapy, but cheaper and probably more fun.




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