5 Easy Tips to Keep an Organized Desk

June 16, 2015

It's no question that life can get hectic. With so many important factors in any given day, juggling a personal and professional life can seem downright daunting. As a result, it's completely normal for one to throw out any semblance of organization out the window.


If you just want to get your life back on track, a good way to start is at your very own desk! No one has time to color code every post-it in the world, but by implementing these very minute changes, you can reclaim some of the chaos in your life.


1. Have a trash can within reach of your desk space. Yes, this is very simple, but often forgotten by the everyday busy body. Without a trashcan, excess junk, receipts, broken pens, and all sorts of trash can accumulate FAST. By keeping a trash can within arm's reach, you're eliminating anything unneccessary that may clutter up your workspace.


2. Sit down and go through ALL YOUR PENS AND MARKERS to see if they're dried up! This is very basic but many neglect this chore because, well, it's extremely tedious. But you'll thank yourself after all those dead pens are finally out of the way. No more panicking to jot down a great idea only to realize the pen in hand is totally dead. When in doubt, throw it out.

3. Designate different drawers for specific categories of items. No more tossing everything in the first drawer you open. Have the first drawer for easy access items such as scissors, tape, USBs, and pens. Second drawer can be designated purely for scratch paper, post-its, notebooks. Last drawer can be used for files and important receipts.


4. Invest in some desk organizing items. Drawer organizers are super helpful for sorting out supplies (pens vs Sharpies, post-its vs bookmarks, etc) and there are many different shapes to cater to your needs. If your budget is tight, however, even everyday objects can be used for organization. For example, lost the cap to your fave mason jar? No fear - pop it on your desk for an instant pen holder! Organization doesn't need to be expensive, it just needs to be effective!



5. As best you can, keep the top of your desk item-free as much as possible. Done with that notebook? Store it. No needs for markers? Put them back in their box. A clean desk means little room for distraction. It also means that when you need to get down to business, you will only be taking out the items necessary for each project. When you are done, make sure to put everything away. Ever heard of a clean start? The same feeling of relief can be found even at your very own desk!


At the end of the day, an organized desk equals more productivity. There's no more time wasted looking for that one pen or a receipt from last month's shopping spree. Time is money, and an organized desk can benefit you tenfold!

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