How to Organize Your Small Space

November 4, 2014

Whether you’re downsizing or you’re looking to make some adjustments to your current space, we’ve got a few suggestions for making your home more functional.


Begin with a plan. Think of the areas that are most bothersome to you, and start there!



Storage and accessibility are the most important aspects of creating a functional kitchen with limited space.



Invest in over-the-door shelving units. You can utilize these in your pantry, as well as inside your cabinets. These units are great for creating additional space food items, cleaning supplies, and other kitchen necessities.


If you lack drawer space and don’t want to eat up already limited counter space, you can mount utensil racks in your kitchen. These racks are extremely versatile, as you can hang hooks and shelves from them.


Besides the obvious storage areas (i.e. pantries, cabinets, etc.), think of more creative uses for unused spaces. Baskets for the top of the fridge, additional drawers mounted beneath cabinets, plate cradles, and vertical bakeware storage are all perfect ways to maximize space and reduce clutter!

Living Room

This is one of the only times we’ll tell you to think inside the box! If you’re looking to purchase a stool, an ottoman, or a coffee table, we suggest you look into pieces that have hidden storage. Bookcases and shelves are always great for organizing your items, but what happens when all of your bookcases and shelves are full?


An over-the-arm couch caddy is a unique a functional solution for a small living room.

Corner shelves take up less space and are a fantastic for displaying decor or showcasing your book collection.



If your bed has an adjustable height feature, we suggest assembling it to the highest setting. If your bed does not adjust, you can always purchase bed risers. They’re inexpensive, and they get the job done. Having your bed a bit higher gives you an extra storage location. For keeping your under-the-bed storage area organized, we suggest using storage bins. The possibilities are endless for this area! This is a great place to organize anything you don’t need on an everyday basis.


Don’t have room for a nightstand? Not a problem. You can creatively affix shelves of varying sizes to the area next to or above your bed. With these shelves, you can use a clamp light for bedtime reading, feature some of your favorite books and knick knacks, and create a space for your alarm clock or phone charging dock.


If you need a workspace, but don't have the room, consider utilizing furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes. What's better than a vanity turned desk turned night stand? The key to making this universal piece work is organization. Keeping this space functional takes ongoing maintenance, but it's well worth it. 



Bathrooms are usually the tiniest area of small living spaces, so we really want to limit the clutter when getting organized in there.


Over-the-door shelving for under your bathroom cabinets is a great addition. If you have products that you don’t use on a regular basis, you can store them elsewhere (eh hem, maybe in that newly created storage space under your bed)!


Mounting shelves, racks or crates creates a space for your linens, décor, and bathroom necessities and frees up valuable and counter cabinet space.


For more solutions to creating a functional and stylish home -- no matter what size -- contact us! Design & Order is happy to help with any organizational or design project, and we don't believe any assignment is too big or too small. 



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