6 Home Changes to Make For the Fall

September 16, 2014

Whether we want to admit it or not, the summer months are quickly ending. There’s been a swift change in temperatures, and it’s time to get ready for the cold. As homeowners, it’s our jobs to make sure that each space reflects our seasonal needs. Your summertime organizational needs are not the same as the winter time. Here are some tips on getting your home, and yourself, ready for the cold.


Bring out the blankets

Summertime was refreshing because we could leave windows open and freely walk out the door. The fall is much cozier. The best way to be cozy is to strategically place blankets in sitting areas. Drape some of your favorite knits over the couch and keep a few spares folded nearby in case of guests. In addition to the living room comfort, pull out some extra fluffy blankets for the bedroom. Make your sleeping space especially cozy for when the nights become longer.


Stock the wood pile

For homes with wood burning fire places, create a tasteful stack of wood near the fireplace for easy access when you want to curl up by the fire. There are tons of creative and wood stacking pieces that help to keep your wood neat and organized.


Grocery shopping for seasonal foods

There are certain foods that have a place in a fall pantry. I love fall for its pumpkin and spice flavors. You’ll want to make sure you have a healthy stock of soups, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and baking supplies. You know the holidays are coming where you’ll be baking at least a few times. Have all of your ingredients and supplies organized ahead of time! It’s also a good time to deep clean and store things like your lemonade pitcher and ice cream maker.


Switch out closets

Move out your shorts and replace them with long pants and jackets. Sadly, you won’t  be needing those shorts for a while unless you’re planning a tropical vacation. Store them in spare closets, the attic, or in tubs under the bed.


Emergency weather

One of the most important parts of preparing for the winter is to get ready for unexpected emergency situations. Last winter, the north east experienced one of the most debilitating winter storms (called a polar vortex) in March. Stores were closed for days in a row. Don’t get yourself caught in a situation where you are ill prepared for something like that. In fact, meteorologists are predicting another one for this upcoming winter.  Make sure your car is stocked with a snow brush and your gas tank is filled. Stock the pantry with some canned food and extra batteries.


Winterize your home’s exterior

Put away your patio furniture. Mow the lawn. Pick up the leaves… These are all things that you don’t need to be told to do. Did you know you should also lubricate your locks every fall season to help your locks last longer? Think about all of these little things, and get them done now!


If you need help getting your home into shape for the winter season, Design & Order is available to help! Visit our site and fill out this contact form for more information about our services.

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