Finding New Purposes for Old Clothes

August 22, 2014

Fall is quickly approaching, and we are busy helping clients prepare their homes for the upcoming chilly season. One area that definitely needs to be focused on during the fall-time preparations is the closets. As professional organizers, we think it is really important to turn over your closet at the beginning of each season; enabling you to have a fresh selection of seasonally appropriate clothes, shoes, and accessories.


Part of what we do as organizers is we help to sort through and decide which items are worth the precious real estate space in your closet, and which items should be sold or donated. Clothes that don’t fit or will “maybe someday fit” are better off in the sell/donate pile. As difficult as it is to part with these things, the space it frees up in your home is well worth it.


For those clothing items that are really too difficult to part with, here are a few suggestions to putting them to a new use:



A lot of times, I have clients that have bins filled with old clothes that belonged to their children when they were small, or to a loved one who has since passed away. Try using these pieces of clothing in to put together a quilt. A friend of mine had hundreds of t-shirts from the various marathons he had run over the years. Instead of parting with them, he had them sewn into a quilt which can be added onto as he completes more races. If you aren’t a quilter – enlist the help of someone who is; or find a quilter who is willing to commission a quilt for you.


Jean Shorts

Those old faded jeans are still very usable. By removing the legs and tossing them in the wash, you’ve got yourself a very trendy pair of cutoff shorts. They are really easy to make and the cost is essentially nothing.



You can create a doggie coat from the sleeve of a large, old, moth eaten, or unworn sweater. Using the sleeve cuff opening as the neck of the coat, cut holes on either side of the body of the sleeve for the dog’s front legs. If you need to, you can put elastic on the back of the coat to help keep it in place. This will keep your pooch warm and fashionable.




There are many ways to use old clothes if you put on your thinking cap and allow your imagination to soar. You need not get rid of pieces you have worn to death because you love them so much. They can easily be given new life, and used for years to come.

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