Each member of your family is different, and each one changing and growing.


They all need the perfect environment to help them thrive, and that perfect environment is what we help you create!

Our first priority is always space and storage. Is the skiing equipment you use once a year properly tucked away? Are the things you use every day intuitively located close at hand? 


Then we organize. We start with closets, pantries, garages -- and go out from there, into game rooms, laundry rooms, children's bedrooms, whatever else you need. We have our own tricks and our own tools, and we'll even come back for upkeep visits.


So that's the 'Order' part. But Design & Order also wants to make your home chic and beautiful. We are the masters of rearranging and repurposing old furniture and furnishings. We will make you look at that armoire you've had forever in a whole new way. We love finding creative ways to display things like old family photographs, and think a child's drawing in the correct frame can be the most elegant thing in the world.


When we're done, everyone in the house will be living in a space custom-designed exactly for them. We know from experience just how much joy these simple changes can bring.


You've got enough on your plate, let us help you! Call us today!

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